We’ve Had a Little Snow in the Last 27 Hours

According to our pedometers, we’ve walked about 20 miles shoveling snow off our driveway. I started yesterday morning while my husband was at work. Then we took 2 hour shift turns when he got home. He was up shoveling at 1 a.m., bless his heart. We were at it again this morning, but it still doesn’t look like we touched the driveway. It’s coming down hard and fast. But I still love every bit of it. The igloo that we built on our sidewalk yesterday was wiped away by the snow plows early this morning. My husband says maybe they thought they were doing us a favor. It looked like a big blob by 1 a.m. because of all the snow that came down after we’d gone inside. They are predicting another 9 hours or more of snowfall. A break on Sunday and Monday, then more snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Haha… I find it very amusing. The kids measured 18 inches this morning. It’ll be interesting to see what the full depth will be by the end of this storm. And I’ve come to discover that inhaling snowflakes is one of the oddest things I’ve ever experienced. The cold makes your body numb, so you don’t realize how sore you are until you come inside, toss your wet clothes and gloves in the dryer, defrost, and take a break. When you’re out there shoveling, you switch to autopilot. Just trying to clear a path for your car to get out in case of any emergencies. We’re not in SoCal anymore Toto! =)


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